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Party Planning Tips

Metro Property Management and their brother company Bearthooth Holding and Construction, celebrated their Holiday Christmas Party last Wednesday. It was the first time in years that the two companies joined in celebrating together. We are so grateful for all who came and celebrated with us! Party planning can be stressful sometimes but when you have a great group like this to plan for, it makes it exciting!

As one of the planners for the party, I was pleased with the result. Having a great crew, schedule, and organization to work with can make the planning process fun and go a lot more smoothly.

Here are some fun tips for party planning:

  1. Make sure you start party planning way in advance! The more time you have to plan, the better the results will be.
  1. Come up with a budget that you would like to stay within, this way, while you are looking for a venue, a caterer, decorations, and all of those little things that you might not think about while starting to plan a party (i.e. invitations, postage, music, help to put up the decorations, party favors, etc.), you will have a budget to follow. This will help you from spending too much money!
  1. Pick a theme that you would like to base the party around; for example, we chose, A Touch of Country Christmas, as our theme. This will help you to organize your ideas and what you want for decorations. If it doesn’t fit the theme, don’t use it!
  1. Choose a place! Make sure you pick out a few different venues, this way you will not be disappointed if one of the venues is not within your price range. One of them is almost always guaranteed to be within the budget. If you are not required to have the party on a weekend, you might consider checking the prices and availability of the venue on a weeknight. It is usually cost effective to do that. We chose the Billings Depot, the historic railroad in Billings, MT. It went with our theme, plus we just love the building! They were incredible to work with, they worked with our schedule, our budget, and were very helpful in the renting process.
  1. Choose a Caterer that is well known. If you need to look at their reviews and ask around, do it. There is nothing worse than getting to the day of the party, tasting the food, and realizing it was a terrible choice. We used a Touch Of Country Catering, and we highly recommend them. The food was delicious, they were great to work with, they gave good recommendations for food, and they were prompt, helpful, and delightful to be around.
  1. When planning, keep your ideas organized. Keep a binder that is divided into different sections; such as, food, venue, decorations, music, party favors, catering, business cards/contact info for the different contacts you will need to repeatedly get in contact with, etc. This will help you keep your ideas organized and it will help you feel less stressed and more in control of what is going on.
  1. In our opinion, it is always more fun to have music at any party, so we hired Action Entertainment to DJ our event. They are a great entertainment company who are well known in the Billings area. They have a wide range of party entertainment resources, which include NASCAR remote control racing, game show trivia, DJ services, and so much more, check them out for your next party. You can get more information from their websites at or their Facebook page,
  1. Last but not least, party favors! It is always fun to go to a party and receive a little ‘Thank You’ for attending when leaving the party. This year we decided to hand out Santa Claus Soup (Hot Chocolate) packs. The idea came from Pinterest (a great place to get ideas!).

Do you have any tips that can make party planning easier? Or party ideas? Please feel free to share them here, we love new ideas!

Remember, if you are looking for a new home to rent this Holiday Season, contact us today, we may just have the home for you!

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Party Planning


Party Planning

Party Planning

Party PlanningParty PlanningParty Planning

Party PlanningParty PlanningParty PlanningParty PlanningParty PlanningParty PlanningParty Planning


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